Topic: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL

We have set  up an N6 nion over a virtual lan set up.
The nion n6 project is up and running ok and we can connect directly at this point to the network.

However,  It seems over the Vlan , the kiosk software cannot detect the nion n6.

We have got 1.7.2 kiosk on the PC and we can even ping the nion n6from this same kiosk PC .
but the kiosk does not seem to pick up the nion ?
Is there a  broadcast ip range or some sort of staitc proxy route we can configure , so  that the kiosk can see the
nion ? I am assumming the nat is stopping some data  here.
Is there a setting I am missing here somewhere ?
Any help would be appreciated .



Re: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL

Our proprietary discovery process that we use incorporates a "multi-cast", which is not allowed to cross between VLANs.  We call it Pandad.

That said, there is an easy fix and can be found here;


Besides Kiosk, we also have another process called Kiosk2Go, and it uses a HTML Browser page, which allows Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, PC, tablet or phone.  With user name and password protection, you can export controls via web pages that you create.  Details are found here;


Because it uses the normal Port 80 for HTML, no additional details are needed except to create a bookmark so the end user doesn't have to remember the web page and port number to the NION.

Good luck and let us know if you have other questions.


Make it intuitive, never leave them guessing.


Re: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL


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Re: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL

My apologies, I did not realize that you replied back.

We end up dropping the 2 separate vlan idea and dedicated an AV wireless
connection into the 1 vlan system.
So all the discovery problems and the non multi casting across separate
vlans disappeared.
Pheww !
So all has been good since we did this.
I noticed in the pandad.exe when i remote link <IP Address>
with the static IP address of the nion, the pandad could discover the nion
directly , which worked but needed to be reset every time.

I wanted to edit the pandad.cfg.xml and put the remote link in there,
to try out, but the idea across 2 vlans was dropped by then.
Would of been interesting to see the result.

I upgraded to n ware 2.0.0 and used the Kiosk2Go on the touch pads.
It seems I can have a tonne more controls in this version compared
to 1.7.2 version, without the bugs.
So yes, I love the upgrade for that one reason.
I have many venues running with 1.7.2 , with a few running simple kiosk2go
control pages.

Thank You for your reply . Very appreciated .
Just sorry I did not respond quicker.



Re: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL

Hello neovich,

Now that I better understand the question; because K2G works by serving up a browser page to expose controls, it can cross VLANs without any problems.  You don't need to modify the Pandad CFG.XML file.  Just make a "Favorites Shortcut" available within the browser.  That said, remember that we don't use Port 80 (default browser page port), but rather Port 7681, so you will need to edit the shortcut and add the port number after you have created the shortcut.  Here is a link that shows this for MS Edge,  http://peaveyoxford.com/kc/index.htm#15518
Or here for Safari or Chrome.  http://peaveyoxford.com/kc/index.htm#15783

User and Password will still be required, unless you leave defaultuser wide open.


Make it intuitive, never leave them guessing.


Re: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL

Hi Fergy,
You have been fantastic at responding back to me, so many thanks to you , but incase you have
or anyone has misunderstood my posts, please let me explain again.

So starting from the original issue i had.

Computer A -  Control terminal with Windows / Nware kiosk software on V-Lan A
to talk back to :
Nion n6unit  - on V-Lan B network.

To get kiosk Nware to work over a different vlan ( NOT Kiosk2Go i am talking about here )
As the computer A nware - kiosk discovery was not seeing the multicast sent from the nion n6 unit.
Which , I get, it did not go across the vlans. All good. This was a network limit anyway.

To modify the  Pandad CFG.XML / run the pandad.exe
mod the remote link to discover the nion across the vlan. Changing the remote link ip to set to the nion n6 static ip address.
in this case it was:
it could be discovered via the kiosk software ( again NOT talking about the Kiosk2Go  here )


All this was dropped anyway, as V-Lan A and V-Lan B were merged into 1 V-Lan for me.
So I stopped pursuing this . Which made my life easier !

Obviously .....
if over 1 vlan then the discovery automatically picks up the nware kiosk software.( again NOT K2G I am talking about )
So my issues were no longer a problem.

I do understand the nware kiosk software does NOT work over port 80 and it purely for the web generated pages or K2G ( Kisok2Go ) 
that does run on ports 80
The K2G pages i have created, run on chromium browsers on small 7 inch panels and I have never had  an issue with these .

In summary.......
I have understood the K2G since it first come out many years ago , Then again the info here will help others  understand these amazing
systems just that little bit better.
NOTHING has yet topped  the NION DSP systems in the world !