Topic: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL

We have set  up an N6 nion over a virtual lan set up.
The nion n6 project is up and running ok and we can connect directly at this point to the network.

However,  It seems over the Vlan , the kiosk software cannot detect the nion n6.

We have got 1.7.2 kiosk on the PC and we can even ping the nion n6from this same kiosk PC .
but the kiosk does not seem to pick up the nion ?
Is there a  broadcast ip range or some sort of staitc proxy route we can configure , so  that the kiosk can see the
nion ? I am assumming the nat is stopping some data  here.
Is there a setting I am missing here somewhere ?
Any help would be appreciated .



Re: nware 1.7.2 - kiosk help - not seeing nion over VL

Our proprietary discovery process that we use incorporates a "multi-cast", which is not allowed to cross between VLANs.  We call it Pandad.

That said, there is an easy fix and can be found here;


Besides Kiosk, we also have another process called Kiosk2Go, and it uses a HTML Browser page, which allows Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, PC, tablet or phone.  With user name and password protection, you can export controls via web pages that you create.  Details are found here;


Because it uses the normal Port 80 for HTML, no additional details are needed except to create a bookmark so the end user doesn't have to remember the web page and port number to the NION.

Good luck and let us know if you have other questions.


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