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Hello, this might be a pretty noob question, but I can't for the life of me not find a way to get my tcp/ip client to log a user in onto my nion6.
I got one for a house that I'm renovating and wanted to develop some Crestron Control modules using RACT2. Crestron is my main job, so it should work somehow. I did a project in nWare 2.0.0,  told my nion to use RACT2 on Port 1632 as default and deployed it, Everything seems good so far. To get my feet wet in RACT2, I did a connection with YAT, basically a terminal program. The connection is established, the help command works fine, but what user do I have to log in? Neither the superuser with no password or the defaultuser worked. I created a control user with basically all rights, but this one did not work either. So basically I'm just getting loginFailed or notLoggedIn. What am I missing? Firmware is the latest one 2.0
Thanks Jens


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Hello, no worries there's a bit of a learning curve to this.  After connecting with your terminal emulator program have you typed in:
li [username] (space) [password] at the prompt?


li defaultuser password



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Hi Brett, thanks for the fast reply, but sadly, that does not do the trick. It still gives me loginFailed.

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Email me at brett.walker@peavey.com and we can set up a support call.



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Issue was fixed by going into File>>User Accounts and enabling Network Control Access for user in Nware.


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It's a 3-step program! smile

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