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I'm experimenting with a NION config. I can write it and deploy it.
If I have the file loaded in NWARE I can connect to the NION where it is installed and control it.
If I don't have the file and try to upload and connect to the processor it asks me to log on. If I use defaultuser, it fails with access denied.
In the program User Accounts all the permissions are granted for the defaultuser.
I can't access the User Management tab in the web interface. It asks me for credentials and refuses access.

What might I be missing to make this nion accessible?

How do I reset the NION so I can gain access to the User Management tab?



Re: user accounts

What version of NWare are you using?  superuser (lower case/no spaces) with no password gives you access to the User Management tab.



Re: user accounts

I'm using 1.6.3
Thanks for the superuser tip.


Re: user accounts

I think I just answered my own question. When deploying the new file one has to select 'Save Project to Target'.


Re: user accounts

Great!  In later Nware versions, that Save Project to Target box is checked by default.  That's why I was asking the version.  Glad you figured it out!