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Continue my NION redundancy topic

I think the way to do change CM-1 to backup over is too complicated.

back to NWare CM1 advanced configuration table ,this priority parameter's index is point to the MS Byte of txPriority that means change this parameter only can change the Bundle priority, i tink this is meaningless when the network bandwidth is enough. but if change that index to LS Byte that's a useful parameter for doing redundancy system

do everybody remember the legacy MWare has a pa.ini file , if we want to do the CM1 changeover only need to put the "requestbundulepriority=1" to the [Padpu] section. i think it's same problem.

what's comment?


Re: About trPriority parameter

  I need to check this.  You are correct, we should be changing the LS Byte on this parameter.  Did you confirm this using Disco?  Good catch!


Re: About trPriority parameter

Confirmed.  Essentially, TX Priority in the advanced CobraNet settings for the CM-1 in a NION does nothing.  We will fix this in the next release.


Re: About trPriority parameter

Hi Charles, I'm not using Disco to do that but using the pandebug.exe to checkit that's easier. this program can access/rewrite to Host address of CM1 directly within NioNode through the NION's CPU