Topic: Nion 6 not booting anymore

Hello everyone, maybe someone has an idea on how to revive my Nion6. It is not booting up any more. Applying power to it lights up the display, the fans start, but after a couple of seconds, the display goes dark and the fans stop. As long as the IEC cord is applied, this continues over and over. I already tried replacing the power supply, but this did not do the trick either. Has anyone any ideas or is it time to look for something new?

In the attached picture, the display shows "normal bootup" for a brief period of time



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Re: Nion 6 not booting anymore

The NION is in "Off" state.  Apply power and after it has stabilized in Off, press the power button to turn it on.

When power is applied to a NION n6, n3 or nX, the unit powers up for a moment to check the current state in the CMOS.  If On, it will continue the boot up process.  If Off, it will shut down and it will take a couple of seconds of Off before you can press the power button for it to boot.

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Re: Nion 6 not booting anymore

Hi Fergy, thanks for the super fast reply. I've done a little video on what is happening: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/e9uddjim … y&dl=0 it won't really settle in off, but is in some kind of boot loop.


Re: Nion 6 not booting anymore

OK, this is past the scope of the forum.  Pull the remote log and send it to mm tech support.


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Re: Nion 6 not booting anymore

Hi Folks, I need to open that one again.
I got myself a new Nion 6 frame from ebay, that came just with the cobra net card. I swapped the cobra net card for my Dante one, installed my other cards, but now it is in a similar bootloop. It boots up, gets an IP from DHCP, fails to start a role, and reboots. I can not deploy a new project via nware, it does not stay on long enough.
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot