Topic: Devices not appearing in the nware remote log

Ncontrol doesn't always appear in the remote log of nware 1.7.2. Requires reboots until it appears.

Anyone else seen anything similar?


Re: Devices not appearing in the nware remote log

Network switches will "Shut" (turnoff) an Interface because it sees the "I'm a NION and here is everything important" multicast network packet as a broadcast storm.  A restart will cause the network switch to automatically change the Interface back to No-Shut.  These details are discussed in more depth in the Pandad Administrator Guide then is appropriate here.


Next time you can't find the nControl, shut down Pandad as a Service and start Pandad Interactive Mode, then use remote_link to see if that clears the problem.  Again, more details on how this is done in the Guide.

Let us know the results.


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