Topic: Issue controlling output levels from NWare

Okay, so I'm kind of new to the NION and NWare system, but just stepped in to a new job and am trying to help solve an issues going on here.

We have 4 NION nodes throughout the property and 3 NWare machines to control them.  We are getting a visual of all of our audio levels correctly through the NWare interface, however when we try and raise or lower the level in the "Master Control Zones" page, it has no effect on the output level.  We can see that the output meter is unchanged.  Anyone have an idea on what could be causing this?

I'd be happy to provide specific information if you can tell me what you're looking for.



Re: Issue controlling output levels from NWare

Hi Dan, is this the actual Nware project file you're looking at, or are these controls in Nware Kiosk?  If it is the Nware project file, or .npa file is the meter inside of it's device block, or has it been copied and pasted into the project frame? Can you right click on the Output Meter and do a Find>>Parent of Selected Control?  If you can, does it show 0 found at the bottom of the screen in the Find Results Tab?  If it shows 0 found at the bottom then you have an orphaned control.  An orphaned control is a control that has been copied from a device block (green meter block) that has been erased.  If a copied control no longer has a Parent, then the control is now Orphaned.  If it is not connect to anything, or orphaned it will not show levels. You can also do a CTRL+F>>Orphaned Control to find all of your Orphaned Controls.  Please call Media Matrix tech support if you need further assistance 866-662-8750.



Re: Issue controlling output levels from NWare

It doesn't seem like any of the controls are orphaned.  I'll call the number this morning for further assistance.  Thanks very much for your help.