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Recently,I look at  status.xml file from  Nion's   Web. Some Xdab states in status.xml.
Xdab states  have 3 Subproperties, that is  leader,master and ring.
Question 1:

I know the XDAB clusters  must have master clock from nion's help file,but what does the leader mean?I found the leader and master is identified in different nion.

Question 2:

Nion's help file Say XDAB clusters master  clock  and  CobraNet Conductor  must in the same nion when system have multiple VLANs . If I look at  status.xml from Nion's web, Which of the following is correct ?
A. XDAB clusters 'master' attribute  and 'CobraNet Conductor' attribute are   identified in the same nion
B. XDAB clusters 'leader' attribute  and CobraNet Conductor attribute are   identified in the same nion



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1) The XDAB 'master' supplies the Audio clock to all devices in the XDAB chain and the election of the master can be controlled by setting the XDAB master priority value of a NION.

2) The XDAB 'leader' monitors and controls the XDAB functions of Nions in the XDAB chain via the control network and its election is completely automatic with no priority setting. It is a background function that is usually of no interest to a MediaMatrix programmer.

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Hi Steve (or anybody else),

Just doing some troubleshooting on a 2x n3 XDAB cluster which keeps stopping for reasons I can't figure out.
I've just stumbled on the fact that XDAB master priorities are still default (so not necessarily determined - depending on CobraNet), but...
I notice xdab/leader lines in BOTH logs within seconds of each other - is that normal? Searched back to this thread for hopeful enlightenment.


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Re: About xdab question


Can you include bits of each log so I can see what you are referring to?

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Hi Phil,

You may want to check the time stamps on the messages in question.

One unit may have assumed the leader role, then the other may have usurped the leader role when it came online. This behavior can also be seen with the XDAB Master assignment and CobraNet Conductor assignment as different units take different amounts of time to start up and start their roles.


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