Topic: CTCSS tone decoding with Nion?

I am using a Nion N6 for a radio application. I am wondering if there is a way to decode sub-audible tones with nWare? I could use the hardware i/o and some external additional hardware to test for the CTCSS tone, but it would be nice to be able to do this with the Nion if possible.

The CTCSS tones range from 67 to 257 hertz.




Re: CTCSS tone decoding with Nion?

Hi Walter,

It is certainly possible, you just have to know what you are seeking. Personally I am unfamiliar with the CTCSS tones you are discussing. However, the NION does offer a nice array of filters that the incoming audio and be passed through to determine what frequencies of tones are present in the incoming signal.

I would explore using the Bandpass filter and possibly the Sidechain filter. Other useful filters could be the various high pass and low pass filters that the NION offers. When you combine these filters with signal present indicators or meters, you can easily determine what tones are in an incoming signal.


Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios