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I am hoping ya'll might have an idea or a suggestion about how I might solve a particular problem.
I need to create a monitor selection that has 2 conditions :
Case 1 - Single select or solo
Case 2 - sum select

in Case 1 any source selected is exclusively selected and others are deselected

in Case 2 multiple sources can be summed together

in both cases the sources are simply being muted or unmuted at the front of a mixer.

This is really a radio button selection with a interlock defeat…. I think. For the life of me I can't see an easy path... there must be something in there ...

I am not quite as fluid with the NWARE software as I am with other other software and I am quite in need of some wisdom.


Re: Radio Button Select

The Python script that does the mutual exclusive part is found ehre;

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/forum/viewt … 2649#p2649

But not sure it this hits the mark of the summing part.


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Re: Radio Button Select

Hey Andy,

If I were to code something up for this it would effectively need a 'mode' button to switch between 'Case 1' and 'Case 2' so...

In the event the mode button is switched between 'Cases' what should be the default state for each case.  Should Case 1 default be all 'off' or 'on' / likewise for Case 2?