Topic: CobraNet Firmware for MediaMatrix products

This is the current list of CobraNet Firmware versions for MediaMatrix products.

This post will be updated as necessary to reflect the latest and greatest information. If you have questions or comments, please create a new topic.

All firmware is available within a single .zip archive, attached to this thread.

Here is a list of the files that are in the .zip archive:
NION CM-1 rev 3: (nion_2_9_16_3.bin)
NION CM-1 rev 4: 2.21.18 (nionp311_2_21_18.bin)     <--- UPDATED!!!
CAB 4n CM-1 rev 3: (cab4n_2_9_11_2.bin)
CAB 4n CM-1 rev 4: (cab4np311_2_21_16_11.bin)
CAB 4n CM-2: (cab4n2_2_11_6_4.bin)
CAB 8i: 2.9.12 (cab8i_2_9_12.bin)
CAB 8n: 2.11.14 (CAB8n_2_11_14.bin)     <--- UPDATED!!!
CAB 8o: 2.9.12 (cab8o_2_9_12.bin)
CAB 16d: 2.9.12 (cab16d_2_9_12.bin)
CAB 16i: 2.9.12 (cab16i_2_9_12.bin)
CAB 16o: 2.9.12 (cab16o_2_9_12.bin)
X-Bridge: 2.9.12 (xbridge_2_9_12.bin)
CobraNet DSP Card: 2.9.12 (cndsp_2_9_12.bin)
CobraNet DSP2 Card: 2.9.12 (dspcn2_2_9_12.bin)
Cirrus Logic CobraNet Discovery Database (database.ini)     <--- UPDATED!!!

I have attached the .zip file to this post for your downloading pleasure.

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