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I need a 1 in 5 mutually exclusive output router. I do not want to have to use the off states or the mutes.  We are using a third party control and need to call the router and tell it which output to switch to.  The router in Nware when set to a 1 in 5 out acts like an audio DA and the only way to control the outputs is either the mutes or the off state.  I am not that up to speed on the logic aspects of Nware so any help will be appreciated.


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UHHH. Chuck, if you don't want to have an off state, or use the mutes, what do you want to do with a 1x5 router?

So what I've attached is a mutually exclusive script that might do what you are asking...But it is using the mutes (because the router countrols uses string values (inclucing zero for off), instead of on/off state).

Is this doing what you want?  If not, tell us more.


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Thanks Fergy, A friend of mine took a look and came up with something very close to what we need.