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I need your Urgent Help for Implementation of CABs with NION-N6 ... I've one NION-N6 in one site and two CABs in another site....I've successfully linked both of them via a switched network and both of them have seen each other via the ID number, but I need to transfer music from the NION side via COBRANET to the CABs side 24/7 ... and I can't...I've read about the bundles thing but i couldn't get it on the NWARE from the configuration point of view

Can I know how can I make it please....I've CAB4n & CAB16o
Appreciate it

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So I'm going to make a number of assumptions here:
1. You have at least one analog input card in your NION.
2. Your music source is connected to that Analog input card.
3. The configuration file you set up in your NION somehow has the audio from your music source routed to the CobraNet output flyoffs. (I'm going to assume that you are using flyoffs 1-8. Though the process is essentially the same regardless. You just need to match up numbers.)
4. In the NION object in your NWare project file you have configured the NION for four 8 channel bundles and assigned a unicast bundle number to channels 1-4. Let's just say it is bundle number 1001.
5. In the CAB 16o object in your NWare project file you have configured the device (based on the Device ID number, which you said is already linked) to receive bundle number 1001.

This is really all you need to do if your network is correctly configured. Audio should be working without issue.

If your network is NOT configured correctly, that is going to be the first thing you need to do. All of this equipment is designed to be used and operated on a correctly functioning network. If you do not have a correctly functioning network, that is the FIRST thing you need to fix. For information and details about what CobraNet requires for a correctly functioning network, I highly recommend reading and understanding the CobraNet Programmer's Reference Manual. This manual is published by Cirrus Logic (since CobraNet is a product that belongs to Cirrus Logic). I have attached a copy of this manual to this message so you can just download it from here.

This is a discussion best had between you and your MediaMatrix support people. Where are you located so we can get you in touch with the right people?

If you are intermixing the CAB 4n and CAB 16o products, you are going to need to use Advanced CobraNet mapping on one or more of the devices. This will allow you to configure your CobraNet Bundle Transmitters and Receivers to be any size from 1 channel to 8 channels. You will need to use 4 channel bundles for the CAB 4n (or set the CAB 4n up for advanced mapping so you can use 8 channel bundles) and 8 channel bundles for the CAB 16o (again, you can use advanced mapping so you can use 4 channel bundles).

You really need to talk with your MediaMatrix support people to make sure you are configuring your CobraNet Transmitters and Receivers correctly.

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Thanks for the post up with the literature on Cobra net and network readiness etc.

Skimming over it, nice and helpful for making sure you got the important bits right!






Thanks alot for your reply ... I'm located in Riyadh - KSA , If you can send me the right support contact for this area please.
I've made it already ... but the bundles and subchannels I can't understand them actually!! here's the case:
I can’t understand one thing … I’m mapping the following now:

-    CN NION output (1-8) , Bundle 1001 --> CAB-4n, Slot C
-    CN NION output (9-16) , Bundle 1002--> CAB-4n , Slot D
-    CN NION output (17-24) , Bundle 1003 --> CAB16o
-    CN NION output (25-32) , Bundle 1004 --> CAB 16o

From the input side , I’ve four sources need to be fed to this Building that contains the CABs

1.    24/7 Audio Sound (connected to the NION Line card input), represented by the Flyoff (in the attached file) by ‘’B321 NION slot 1 in 5’’ connected to the 6x32 mixer….this is working fine.
2.    Microphones connected directly to the CAB4n (Slot A , Bundle 1005):  these I don’t know how to connect them to the Mixer ?! how to represent them by the flyoffs ?? how many flyoffs ? I can’t determine how many channel they need ? I put the 32 flyoffs and expanded the matrix to 32x32 (in one trial) and they’re not working ! … only the levels are showing on the CAB-4n but not transferring on the outputs side either on the CAB16o or the CAB4n side…. I need your help to represent these two microphones again…..they worked before one-time but not on all output channels , some channels on the CAB16o aren’t mapped
3.    Line input to the CAB-4n with the attached configuration when I connect any line source , the output is mapped to all CAB-4n fine, but on the CAB-16o it’s mapped only to channel 6 !! although I’m putting all the 32 channels in the output as shown ???

-    Do we need another mixer ? Router ? something else? ...I've attached the NWARE file for the reference

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Hi Ahmed,

I just posted a new topic discussing Advanced CobraNet. I highly recommend you give it a read as it directly describes how to configure your CobraNet devices in your system.

You can find the thread by clicking here: Advanced CobraNet

Please post any questions you have regarding that here in this thread and we can discuss it. We do get a lot of questions about Advanced CobraNet and it is my hope to help some people out by posting this information in the forum.


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