This is just a quick note to remind you that these forums are not a method to contact MediaMatrix technical support.

Even though many of the MediaMatrix technical support people from around the world are registered members of this forum, posting basic tech support questions here is not recommended. It is highly recommended that you read through the threads that already exist here and that you search the threads that already exist here to see if there is any information that can help you. If there is not, it is then recommended that you contact your local tech support facility. If you need help figuring out who that is, please visit our Rep and Distributor locator here: http://mm.peavey.com/distributors/index.cfm   If that does not help, click on the "Email" link to the left of this post and let me know what we can do to help.

Please do not post remote logs in their entirety in the forum. If you have a question about something that is in the remote log, it is okay to copy the relevant sections of the remote log into your post, but putting up a post that is the complete remote log from your NION and asking "What is wrong here?" is not acceptable.

This forum is for questions and discussion. Certainly, if you have a question about how something works, or why something works a certain way, go ahead and post that. If you are under a time sensitive deadline and need tech support immediately, DO NOT plan on getting it here. However, others here may have interesting ideas about why you are having trouble.

Thanks everyone!!!

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios