Topic: send command to external device

Hello. Hope everyone is of good health..

I am trying to get something to work that I believe will work, but I haven't done before.

I want a button on the 180HD screen to send a simple 'power on' command to a projector, and another button to 'power off' the projector. I can do the buttons, but how to send the command eludes me, as well as where it transmits from.

Can someone point me in the right direction of this- do I use the 232 as an output? or the 422/485



Re: send command to external device

Hello, yes the ntouch180HD is capable of this task.  You just need to drag in a 180HD block, and a comms processor block (the 180HD is already set to use comms processor by default).  If you right click the comms processor and go into device properties you'll see the option to use serial, or tcp transmission.  In the projector's manual, find the commands for serial or tcp control and enter in the Transmit Character field inside of the comms processor block.  If you have communications set up properly, you will see receive characters from the projector in the comms block as well.  One problem that I have dealt with in the past is projectors terminating communication with the nion.  You may need to add a device to your project as a work around to keep communication lines open.  I have this device if need be.



Re: send command to external device

You must be in gesture mode with the project running on the HD to enter commands into comms processor fields but always do a File>>Settings>>Save default settings after entering them in.  You can enter commands in emulation mode as well, but obviously you will not have communication with the projector.