Topic: Window 10 ver. 1709 Permissions Issues with Nware.

Summary of problem with Windows 10 ver 1709:

The problem occurs after a successful deployment of a NWare project file.  Once a project is deployed, and changes are then made to the project and it is redeployed, a permissions error pops up in NWare.  This permissions error prohibits you from successfully deploying a project, connecting to a project, and upload and connecting a project.  This problem exists across all versions of NWare.

The problem is suspected to be a controlled folder access issue. 

This error is resolved from Windows Defender Security Center, Virus & threat protection section.

1  Open Windows Defender Security Center

2  Select -- Virus threat and protection

3  Select -- Virus & threat protection settings

4  Scroll down to Controlled folder access

5  Set to off


6  Select -- Allow an app through Controlled folder access

7  Select -- Add an allowed app

8 Navigate to the nWare program folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMatrix\NWare 2.0.0 Release- ) and select the nWare.exe file.

For more details on Controlled Folder Access for Window 10, go to:
https://www.windowscentral.com/how-enab … ors-update


Re: Window 10 ver. 1709 Permissions Issues with Nware.

Does this still happen on Windows 10 btw?


Re: Window 10 ver. 1709 Permissions Issues with Nware.

Hi there, I'm currently running Win 10 ver. 1803 and I have not seen any issues since 1709.  You should have no problems whatsoever.

Brett Walker
Media Matrix Tech Support Engineer