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Hello, how to import the FIR filter files into the NWare software, what is the format of the file? Thanks


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Hi there, just to clarify.  Are you asking how to drag a FIR filter into the Nware project?  Are you asking what is the format of the Nware file (.npa)?



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Excuse me, what software can be used to generate FIR filter files? How to import it into NWare?


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It is outside the scope of our support to recommend a software program to sort out what the filters should be.

But we can tell you how import them into NWare, and it is especially easy if the software can export the filter set to a spreadsheet.

In the spreadsheet, select the values (cells) that you want to import.  Next, in NWare and in Gesture Mode, select the FIR "cells" you wish to change.  Once selected, simply paste and you should see the values change.

You can also copy & paste values from NWare into a spreadsheet, which can be helpful to capture and save NWare values to a spreadsheet for "storage" and backup.

Here is a hint;
You can select the first NWare cell, press the shift key, and select the last in the row or column and select to highlight all cells between the selections.

Experiment with both of the above (copy/paste and the shift key secret) to see how it works.

Good luck,

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