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I have had an issue on site where three CAB4n's dropped off from the main Nion, when the client went to reboot to see if the Nion would find the offline devices the role wouldn't restart.

I have attached the log which is showing that the Nion is only showing 2 DSPs and not 3 DSPs, previously new programming was deployed with no errors displayed.  Previously there was an issue where we were unable to connect to the Nion through Nware , however we deployed the role from a different computer and it seemed to be stable. THe earlier error was also showing an issue relating the Allocation of memory.

I am unable if these two items are related or I have a case of multiple issues on site.

Any input people might have would be beneficial.


Re: DSP error


I don't see an attached log.

Has the NION been rebooted a second time, to see if the missing DSP recovers?  It is pretty rare, but occasionally, a NION will not boot in the right sequence for everything to work correctly.

That said, please send the log to mmtechsupport@peavey.com, along with your description above.  We'll work with you to get you back up and running.


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Re: DSP error

Here is the log file.

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Re: DSP error

Hello Simon,

Suspect that there might a problem with one of your WAV Players.  I know you have sent your Project file to Phil S, who will take a look and let you know what the next step might be.


Make it intuitive, never leave them guessing.