Topic: NWare 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1

You can download NWare 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1 here:

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/software_re … .en-us.msi

And NWare Kiosk Release Candidate 1 here:

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/software_re … .en-us.msi

The release notes are available here:

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/Documentati … _1.4.3.htm

Please try out this software and let us know your comments and suggestions. Let us know if you find any issues.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Release Candidate. Use it with caution, there may be issues. Use at your own risk. Use in live installations at your own risk.


Re: NWare 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1

Hi Andy,

Haven't run it in anger yet, but some documentation points:
Great additions to NioNode hardware manual!!
CGG is still missing from RATC2 commands in detail
I like that N3 #1 etc has disappeared: straight to the wizard is much more user-friendly
4x4 control panel: why not make it the same as 8MLii and 8o?? different sizing, different control order???
    If people think the new layout makes more sense (I don't), then it would be good to change the others as well.
As there's now a lot more real Nion material, it would be good to indicate what is MWare carry-over (such as PASHA)

Delete Media files bug: are the invisible files still copied to the NioNode on deploy? It would be good to suggest creating a new file, and copying everything into it, if the media size was a problem.

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Re: NWare 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the feedback. It's Steve Gray's expertise at work in the case of the handy sections on XDAB and CobraNet in the NION manual.

Yes, unfortunately, the "invisible" media files are copied to the NION on deploy. As a workaround, you can create a new project and copy and paste the objects from the pages of the original project. However, you will need to import the media files, and set up the users, page groups for Kiosk, etc.



Re: NWare 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1

Hi Phil,

For the Release Candidate 2 release we shall be reverting the changes made to the 4x4 control panel ordering, but may at some point in the future alter the ordering of all control panels to be more aligned and consistant with eachother (for which we shall ask people for input).

As regards the Media files bug myself or Andy will be posting a workaround for this shortly.


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Re: NWare 1.4.3 Release Candidate 1

Hi Phil,

The media files deletion problem occurs when you are editing a project file created in an earlier version of NWare. If you create a new project file in the current version, it does not occur.

Here is the workaround:

1. Open your project file in NWare.

2. Delete the unwanted media files manually from the following folders:

Windows XP   
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MediaMatrix\NWare [version]\temp\[project file name].[reference number]

Windows Vista   
C:\ProgramData\MediaMatrix\NWare [version]\temp\[project file name].[reference number]

3. Save your project file. The size will be reduced.