Topic: Deploying to Different Hardware

When you program a file and then try to deploy it to Nions with different IO boards in them to those that you programmed for you get an error message and a confirmation that you want to try and continue.

If you have programmed a file for Nion N6's and then deploy to Nion N3's there is no error message and the file deploys OK and then seems to run OK. This presumably is because the extra 3 DSP chips in the N6 would not have been used anyway. What would have happened if I had been using large amounts of DSP in my program and then tried to deploy it to N3's would it still have deployed OK without an error message and run OK, or would it have failed at some stage?

NWare will deploy a project to an N3 without a warning if it will run.  If your project would require an N6 to run, you will get an error on deploy.