Topic: Using a delay in Python script

There has been some discussion about techniques for delaying script processing on the NION, that is, executing some Python script, waiting for a few seconds, and then continuing:


PDR recommends the following approach:

1. Split the code into two, creating one script to execute before the delay, and one to execute after the delay.

2. Create a Control Script block and link it to the first section of code.

3. Create a second Control Script block and link it to the second section of code.

4. Link the first Control Script block to a Control Delay block, then link the Control Delay block to the second Control Script block.

The delay specified in the Control Delay block will create a pause between the execution of the first block of code and the second.

Note: We do not recommend that you attempt to download Linux timing functions to the NION. This approach is not supported.