Topic: A control cannot be moved in Gesture mode

In NWare, if you make a copy of a control - a fader control, for example - and then set up the copy as a slave control, you will not be able to adjust the selector (move the fader or rotate the knob) on either the original control or the copy.  (Selectors on Slave controls cannot be moved independently of their master controls - this is by design.)

It may not be obvious that particular control has been copied and set up as a slave, as the copy may be on a different page in the design and have a different appearance. You can use the Find feature to locate all the copies of a particular control to see if any are used in a slave configuration.

To use Find:

1. Right-click the control to bring up the shortcut menu.
2. Click Find.
3. Select "controls" from the list.
4. Click OK.

The Find Results tab at the bottom of the screen will display clickable links to the original control and all its copies. You can then click each link and check to see if any of the copies are set up as slaves.