Topic: Is MediaMatrix dead?

So... being that i've been trying to get in touch with support for a week... and we havent seen ANY update on software in years... is it safe to assume Peavey is no longer pursuing MediaMatrix? Or has the entire staff jumped ship? Whats the deal?.. I work on a large campus with over 10 nion n6 and many more CAB devices and it's almost time to replace hardware. Should we look at other solutions? Not feeling warm and fuzzy about Peavey MediaMatrix anymore.


Re: Is MediaMatrix dead?

We are alive and well, with a new DSP engine on the way.  Several new Dante/AES-67 edge devices coming out the pipe, along with new control computers.  The NION is continues, with EN-54-16 certification.

We did have issues with support last week, with network issues preventing reasonable response, but we are emailing with pmullin now.

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Re: Is MediaMatrix dead?

Yay! Glad to hear! Thanks for the reply, and for all the help.