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I have a problem in the Canadian National Legislature and I wonder if Dante enabled Nions could solve it in the following manner.
In the Legislature we use boundary effect microphones on the desk which are a considerable distance from a standing orator. The members use analog signal driven earpieces to receive original(floor) and translated audio feeds.
This creates the problem where occasionally audio feedback is created when a member sets their earpiece on the desk when its their turn to speak.
We're setting up to move the legislature so that our current facility can be renovated so this gives us an opportunity to solve this problem.
I'm wondering about the possibility of creating a massive mix minus matrix where every endpoint (user earpiece) is driven by a dante device receiving the sum of the room minus their own source. There are 350 members in the room so it would require a 350 X 350 matrix.
What would be the minimum hardware requirement in terms of nion processing power and Dante interfaces to accomplish this?


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This is better answered by sending me an email, as this level of detail is outside the normal scope of our forum.

BUT, for those interested; this task is what the Sparse Mixer was created.  There is even a check box in the Device Properties for use as a Mix-Minus device.



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Hey Fergy,

I've never felt like I really "got" the Sparse Mixer, even though I'm sure it's WAY COOL.
Do you have a .npa that you can post?


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