Topic: Decoding a Device's Informational Sticker

I've been re-inventorying a number of our media matrix breakout devices and I was wondering what sort of information we are able to get off the tag...

We have a mix of 8o's and 4n's. Both types of devices have an item number and serial number and most of both have a tag with the following information:

Item # XXXXXXXXXXXX             Mfg. Loc.     XX
Serial # XXXXXXXXXXXXX             XXXX XX

The item number and serial number are obvious. For the other information, I am wondering if the four digit number under "Mfg" is supposed to be the year of manufacturer? If it is, do the two digits to right of and under "Loc." have any meaning?

For some of the 4n's, they only have the item and serial number listed. Also, item numbers have been the same for all like items so far, though some of the 4n's are listed as "CAB 4n V1" and others as "CAB 4n CM2". Are these just differentiating a CM1 vs CM2 module and the rest of the hardware is identical?

Thank you.


Re: Decoding a Device's Informational Sticker

Hi Michael,

Yes, all the hardware inside the CAB 4n CM-1 and CAB 4n CM-2 are identical except for the actual CM-1 (or CM-2) card and the EPROM that fits in the U22 socket on the main board of the CAB 4n. All other I/O cards, main board, GPIO board, Mezzanine board, and power supply are all the same.

I can't really speak to the information that is on the tag on the bottom of the equipment as I don't have a tag in front of or anywhere around me. Though I think your analysis is correct.


Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios