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Hi all,

Following on from my previous plug-in post for the nControl units (cira 2015)...

I've now taken some time to do a similar plug-in block for the Nion device, essentially a new device was required because the Nion file system is different to that of the nControl units.

The Nion plug-in and the previous nControl version do differ somewhat but the main functionality of the plug-in is the same, ie Lists media files, target a wav device, choose a file and send the correctly formatted string to it.

The Nion plug-in will allow you to:

  • Switch between local media (ie media uploaded with the .npa) and the FTP partition of the target Nion.

  • Target up to four wav player device blocks (To mirror the maximum number of wav device you could have on a low end Nion)

  • Send single filename strings to the wav device (* with auto prefix of 'FTP/' when switching between local and FTP)

  • You can gesture the bump buttons and type in slot values to jump through the list.

Working Notes:

  • The plug-in device has been capped at a maximum of 20 filename slots (This also means a limit to 20 files in either FTP or .npa storage)

  • All FTP media must reside in the root of FTP only. (Sub-directories have not been conquered in this version)

  • The outputs are single strings, as opposed to multiplexed lists that are used in the nControl version.

  • Any media file must have lower case .wav extensions to be seen (Upper case will not work)

  • Ideally to be used in conjunction with a snapshot device to allow for a primitive 'cue' system.  Direct wiring will stop any current playing media on the target when the string is 'selected' (not sent).

  • If using multiple Nions in a project, the plug-in must be device placed to the Nion that is providing the relevant wav player devices (For my test, I device placed 8 players over 2 Nions '4 on each' using two plug-in instances, one assigned to each Nion) - All good so far!

The attached screenshot illustrates how a the plug-in can be control wired in conjunction with a single '1x1 string' snapshot device and a wav player device.  (Please note the Highlights) - This method provides a very primitive 'cue' function, if the plugin is control wired directly to the wav device filename field then audio would be stopped when the user 'selects' a file (not sends) from the lister.

- attachment coming soon  8)

Its best to work from the top down, (ie select source, then target wav device before making your filename selection) otherwise you may inadvertently overwrite the previous wav device snapshot field.

Authored in 1.7.2 so please download and test at your leisure, if you find any bugs then please let me know.



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