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Hello All,
I have an older MediaMatrix installation in our building. It consists of three MM-8802 Bob's, A PageMatrix Processor and finally the MiniFrame II Series computer. The other day I was informed that the Paging was not working. You could hear the relay click when you push the page button down, but no audio could be heard. Upon inspection of the equipment, the first MM-8802 shows a fault led on the front panel. I tried rebooting the entire system, but no change, the system still doesn't pass audio. My question is this: As I cannot find anyone who knows how to service this system in my area, can I just purchase an MM-8802 on Ebay, plug it in place of the faulty unit and have the system come back to life? I do not have the knowledge on how to program the system as it was before my time, and there is no documentation for me to look at. Thanks in advance of any assistance or help given.




Re: Older MediaMatrix Installation Question

Yes.  The 8802 is told what and how to work (mostly about gain structure and GPIO controls) by the MiniFrame.

But I would recommend checking the power supply on 8802, because we have new PS available from our parts department.  (BTW, recommend replacing the small fan at the same time).

That said, a computer (the MiniFrame) that old needs special care as well.  For example, if the hard drive fails...

I would recommend making sure you have all of the files available by saving the project to an USB Thumb Drive.  Go to the computer, and start a "Save as" to find the folder where the View File is saved...Then CANCEL!

Next, navigate to that folder and save everything inside that folder to your drive.  Done; Easy-Peasy, nice and easy, except making sure you now save that thumb drive where you can find it later, which means you will never need it, knock on wood!


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Re: Older MediaMatrix Installation Question

Thank you for the speedy reply and advice. I will perform the back up of all the files on my maintenance call this afternoon. Much appreciated advice. As far as the power supplies you speak of, is there a contact I can reach out to in the parts department to ask about getting the power supplies. As far as the computer, its probably time to replace the hard drive, power supply and processor fan to keep this system up and running.