Topic: IR Control for Samsung Plasma Televisions via Global Cache iTach IP2IR

This plugin will allow IR control of Samsung Plasma televisions directly from within an NWare project file. This is done through the use of a Global Cache iTach IP2IR unit. This is essentially a networked IR server. They work really well and are easy to use. The concepts in this device can be used to create other IR controls, but you will need to use Global Cache's iLearn software to learn and change the IR codes that are being emitted.

From the Info block inside the plugin:

-Samsung Plasma TVs-
This device enables IR control of Samsung Plasma TV's through the use of a Global Cache iTach IP2IR.

1. Use the Global Cache utilities to set up the IP2IR on the network.
2. Place the IP address of the IP2IR in the gray "IP address" box above. If everything is correct, the green light will turn on.
3. Plug in the IR Emitters for the Samsung Plasma TV's to the IR ports on the IP2IR.

This device will support up to three TVs at once.

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