Topic: RATC Reader & Writer

This is two plugins in one.....

After importing the .npp file (Tools -> Import Plugin) you'll find a tree containing two plugins; the reader and the writer.

The reader: This pluggin allows you to read RATC controls (either locally or remotly) using a python script. The result is delivered in raw form and parsed down to just the value.

The writter: Allows you to write values to a RATC alised control.

This was concieved to allow a new MediaMatrix NION installation to control/supervise an existing legacy system. It's also since proved very handy working with lots of values in a single .npa file. Reading and writting out to generic controls as a kind of data storage facility.

Also take a look at the demo project which should help explain the usage of the reader plugin.

They are by no means perfect in their current state. So please hack away.....


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