Topic: nTouch 60 12 Channel Level Controller

Here is another handy little thing that I put together.

It allows you to use one page of the nTouch 60 to control the levels of up to 12 different channels/zones/etc. with only one page of the nTouch 60.

-nTouch 60 12 Channel Level Controller-

This device will adjust the level of 12 channels of audio independantly using only one page in the nTouch 60. There is a meter that shows the current setting of the control and a meter that shows the actual level of the audio.

To use this device:
1. Copy the page's level control from the "Controls" page of the nTouch 60 into the "Controls" page of this device. Note that there is a spot reserved for this control in the upper left corner of the page.
2. Enable a "peer wiring node" on the copied level control.
3. Wire the copied level control to the yellow level control to the right.
4. Copy the controls in the "GUI" page of this device to the appropriate page in the nTouch 60.
5. Wire the input and output nodes on this device into your project to allow the audio to be adjusted.

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Josh Millward
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