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Here is a very handy little device I put together specifically to deal with scaling the GPIO inputs on the CAB 4n. I'm sure it can be used for other things as well.

From the "Help" block inside the device:

-Control Modifier (Value)-

This device is to scale control inputs on the GPIO.

The input value is shown here. It should be a value 0-1.

-Zero Correction-
When the input is adjusted to its minimum value, the value at the input is not always zero. Use this control to set the Output to zero when the input is fully minimum.

-Control Value Multiplier-
This is the value by which the Zero Corrected Input Value is multiplied by to derive the Output.

This is the final value of the output. Its value is limited to the range of 0-1. It is connected to the output via a Position Link so the relative position of this control is what is passed out to manipulate an external control.

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