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This is a handy little widget that will restore network connections after they are lost. I specifically created this to be used with the Comms Processor, but I'm sure there are other uses as well.

6 May, 2015:
I just updated this device so that it remembers what the strings are when it is put into a new project file. It should work better and be a little easier to use now.

Here is the information that is available inside the device:

-Auto-Refresh for Comms Processor-

This device is to be used to automatically refresh the IP address and Port Number when using the Comms Processor.

Some devices automatically disconnect the port after some period of inactivity. This period can be as short as a few minutes or as long as many hours. When the device disconnects the port, generally simply refreshing the IP Address and Port Number will allow connectivity to be restored.

When used with the Comms Processor object (configured for TCP Comms), when the "Listening" indicator goes out, an oscillator is started which alternately recalls the IP address and Port Number you want to use and a Zero. When the IP address and port number are loaded into the Comms Processor it attempts to connect to the remote device. When the remote device responds, the "Listening" indicator turns green and the oscillator shuts off. It is very important to not allow the Oscillator to run too fast, or it will miss the confirmation messages coming from the remote device. The default speed is 5 seconds, but 3 seconds may be feasible. The "STOP" button may be used to halt the oscillator at any time.

Connet the Input terminals of this block as follows:
Input 1: IP Address
Input 2: Port Number
Input 3: "Listening" Indicator

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