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This pluggin contains a single stereo .wav file player. Controls allow the user to specify a friendly name and the file path for up to 10 tracks. With a single click the user controls of the pluggin will load and play the selected wav.

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Hi Stephen,

That looks like a good start, but here is one that I have been developing for a while that is a little more complex. Most importantly, it stops the current playing track (while currently playing) before loading a new track.

Here is the information that I included within the plugin:

-Load'n'Play Wave Player-

This is a 48kHz 16Bit Stereo Wave file player for the NION. It plays one track at a time, but can play up to 32 different tracks. When one track is playing and a different track is selected, it will stop the current track and start playing the most recently selected track.

If you put the wave files into the "Media" tab in NWare, you can simply type in the name of the file under the "File Name" column. If you use FTP to load the wave files into the NION, you should format the text in the "File Name" column like this for a file called "music.wav" remember, capitalization is important!

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Josh Millward
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Re: Wav Jukebox

Hi Josh,

To try and keep things sane so people can find all plugins easily, could you repost your plugin with its description as a separate new thread please? If we decide one plugin supercedes another we can always make a note of that on the original thread and put a link to the newer one on there but if we post multiple different plugins on a single thread finding them will get confusing.

Please feel free to post lots more. The more we have the better!

Best Regards,