Topic: Control NWare Project from Android Tablet (or anything else)

A lot of folks are pretty excited about NWare Mobile. This nifty APP allows NWare project control from an Apple iOS device. But the Android tablet and phone crowd feels left out.  sad  Well, don't despair. As with all things NWare, when ever anyone asks if the system can do something that hasn't been done before the answer is usually yes.  smile And in this case the answer to using an Android tablet with NWare also turns out to be yes. There is a way to use an Android tablet (or any tablet, computer or phone, for that matter) as a control surface for an NWare MediMatrix project. Pretty cool stuff....

Attached is a ZIP file that contains an ap note explaining how to do this as well as as two XML files that are used along with this technique. If you have any questions about this please let me know. It's actually pretty straightforward and the principles can be applied to many scenarios.

And keep in mind that the technique described in this note can be used without the Remote Dektop bit with any Kiosk PC or Kiosk PC compatible tablet or touchscreen running NWare Kiosk to provide a rich, dedicated full screen control surface or surfaces for any project.

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