Topic: Cab 4n firmware version?

Does the CAB 4n have a firmware version?  If so, how can I determine what it is?  Is the firmware updateable? If so, how?


Re: Cab 4n firmware version?

Hi Phillip,

The only user accessible firmware for the CAB 4n is the firmware of the CobraNet or Dante modules. Of course there is firmware within the CAB 4n itself, but it is not accessible nor up-gradable. It was developed when the unit was created and never touched again.

Please send an email to me directly if you are working on something with the development of the CAB as your efforts will need to be coordinated with our engineering department.


Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios


Re: Cab 4n firmware version?

Josh is correct in that the CAB 4n firmware is held in an EEPROM so can't be upgraded.  For the CAB Dante's there were some very minor changes made by Audinate to the firmware to extended a couple of timeouts for the Dante DLM module.   If you put a Dante DLM module in a standard CAB 4n (ie. you replace the CM-1 with a DLM) then it won't work at all!