Topic: Multizone Sound Clip Application`

I have a design that I am working on for a law enforcement training facility where they do live crisis enactments.  The customer is looking to play sound effects in each of the eight zones and be able to select from a few dozen clips on the fly.  Clips will often be playing simultaneously .  They need to be able to control this from a computer station and would like to from an iPad if possible.  So, I was thinking of a Nion with a Kiosk page of the floorplan of the different zones/areas with buttons to play the different clips.  Also, including an option to add an nTouch to serve pages for the iPad. 

Does anyone have experience with using an iPad with a Nion?  Any other insights that anyone has on this design?



Re: Multizone Sound Clip Application`

Sure, there is no reason you can't do it with a MediaMatrix system.

The important question to ask is how many tracks do you need to be playing at one time? You can do up to 6-7 with a NION n6 only, but if you need to do more than that using an nControl with up to four CobraNet cards in it will get the job done up to 64 tracks at the same time.

One important thing to note is that all control in NWare is handled in a serial fashion where one control is triggered at a time. So, even if you have 64 mono tracks to play, and even if you grouped all the play buttons together to trigger them all at the same time, there will be microseconds between each one starting, so you will not be able to just gang them all together.

But, in this case, that is not what you are looking for. You simply want to be able to trigger different sounds in different places at different times. This is perfect for an nControl.

So, I guess the answer, as usual, is yes, of course we can do that!

Also, if you want to use an iPad for control, you will need either an nControl or an nTouch 180 anyway, so buying the nControl would serve two very critical purposes in this case.

Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios