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as per my knowledge the q-host can establesh the communication with one mediamatrix system , in my case , i have in every IDF one nion , 1 cab 4n , one Pcu 2100 and 3 page stations and its linked through 2 vlans , and in the main av room i have the q-host .

how i can make the q-host able to communicate with multi - nion project , please note the project linking will not work in this case even the com-processor using tcp .


Re: Q-host with multi nion - multi cab-4n

you have tow ways to do that.
1.All IDF nion use one nware project,only the node 1 open  RATC1.0 ,other node not need open RATC1.0,the write  node 1 nion IP address in mediamatrix  IP address in Q-HOST.
2.Make a nion Project  use the Project Link Server device , this nion Project running on PC with Emulate ways. Or running on n-control.Make nion Project use the Project Link Client device ,this nion Project running on each nion. Q-Host connect to this PC.Both PC and nion Projects must all the same. The devices between Project Link Server  and Project Link Client  are control devices,the control  Alias is like "Paging Input Zone 17" so on. Q-host will send the command with Ratc to PC.

To make ControlMatrix project with Nware ,you need use the Control->Arcane->ControlMatrix device,both the samll system and larger system is ok,I open use the larger system device.
1.You must make the two same projects,one running on PC ,another running on Nion.
2.Both of projects Add  Inputs device,Logic device,Zone device .....
2.Both of projects Find out "ControlMatrix output Zones" device ->Schematic label ->DAB to Router Controllers device ->DAB to Router device ->Pg DAB and BGM DAB
3.Copy Pg DAB and BGM DAB and  connect  the Project Link Server device in PC nware.Copy Pg DAB and BGM DAB and  connect  the Project Link Client device in nion nware. To do this  for Zone message syn .
4.Note every DAB to Router device  for one zone.
5. Serial Bridge Network syn like Pg DAB and BGM DAB ,you must syn Serial Bridge Network ,if you not syn that your statinon (PCU???) not work.

By the way,if you have one nion can you make the Q-host system running ?
Your cab 4n is CM-1 edition ? PCU CA485 message only working on  CM-1 edition.
Do you understand?If not ,e-mail for me  ,I will show you.


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Regarding to the first solution , its not possible at all , nware will crash , i test it , reson , size of the file , please note we have 100+ cab4n , 80+nion , 17+ page station , 750+ audio circuits ...whatevery thank you , you gave me good idea .thanks again


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Your Project so big! 80 nion ??.I have been created project only 12 nion togther with xdab,200 AMP,500 audio circuits ,100 page station(PCU-4),1 Qhost,2 A-HOST.I created 4 cobranet vlans.
I'm afraid you project only have 2 vlan is not enough,your system will loss bundle communication  between cobranet device  .It is have 128 active bulde in cobranet vlan.So I think you have two problem.
1.If you have above 2 cobranet vlan ,when page station (like PCU-5,PCU-2,PCU-4) in diffent cobranet vlan ,will not connect to qhost.
2.If you have 1 cobranet vlan ,so much cab4n and output cobranet device by bundle communication  work well?
I forgot tell you ,I have in remembrance Project Link Server device limit less than 15 in a Nware of Project.It is will loss communication when device   over 15 .I suggest you use follow mode:
1.Need syn device ->String Multiplexer device -> Project Link Server device  in PC nware.
2.Project Link Client device -> String Demultiplexer ->need syn device  in Nion nware.


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Done , Thank you zhangye , the project is more than 100 +  , 100 + cab ....thank you joe kurta keep ya quotation on ya desk !