Topic: WebSocket Demo available

To all,

I have WebSocket demo available.  Using the previous web page as an example, this server will serve the HTML and create Websocket connections.  Connect four browsers to it, spin a control in one, and see it turn in the others.  Over a LAN, it's fast enough to support a pile of VU meters and controls.  Obviously, this code could connect to a NION or other TCP friendly devices.

Needs a LAN, Internet is too slow (latency, Nagle, etc.)  Written in C#, requires Windows and .Net 4.0.

Works without a plugin in new versions of corectly configured Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.  IE9 works with Silverlight.  Some issues with Android phones, haven't tried with an iPhone.  For those interested, implements WS versions 06 and 76.

Email me is you'd like the demo.