Topic: Creating Devices ? (yes, xml)

To all,

I have recently spent time learning to create devices.  I have created a ControlMatrix for Windows stack device that allows up to 16 'Paging Zones' to be placed in one device.  One interesting feature is the gains page, which has three faders that map to the zone levels via virtual assign devices.  BTW, the limit of sixteen isn't a hard limit, it could any number.  The schematic just gets awfully large...

Next, as time permits, I'd like to work on the Crest amplifier devices.

Also, with larger devices, I have often felt that it should be easily to separate the user controls from the schematic and the devices.  I've created a device that allows one to do this in a pres.xml file, similar to a 'GUI Block.'  One can define the pages, titles, etc, and place controls in it.  Copy the device to another page, and one has the separation.  FWIW, it seems to want to be placed at the bottom of the composite_schematic define.

Large projects often involve repetitive creation of similar device groups.  If this type of task could be replaced with something like 'device stack wizards', programming could be much faster and easier to verify.  Just a matter of determining what 'device groups' would suit the most users.

Anyway, if anyone would like to see these, compare notes, or make suggestions, post away...