Topic: NWare Comms Processor

Issue: I need to use a non-printable ASCII character in my control string.
(This would include using a Line Feed, New Line, or Carriage Return command)

Solution: Use a hash (#) to precede the Hexadecimal value for the character.
So in the event of needing to use a Line Feed or New Line the command would be: #0A
while using the command Carriage Return would be: #0D
In the event that you actually need to display a hash symbol (#) in your string, use a double hash: ##

You can use your favorite search engine to find an ASCII table on the web, simply search for "ASCII table" and you will find several results.
Or, you can just go to this website: http://www.asciitable.com/

Have fun and good luck out there!


Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios