Topic: RATC between NION and Q-Host

Hi All,

In order to know more about the logic follow of network connection between Q-Host and MediaMatrix, I have spent lots of time on reading Peavey's user manual and Q-Host system log, but still don't get a clear image. Now, I am seeking your advice on this topic.

According to ControlMatrix Software V4.0, Q-Host is connecting with MediaMatrix (for my case, it is NION-n3) through RATC commands.
Despite of Q-Host's connection, NION-n3 is still receiving other RATC connections from other terminals. If I send "ControlSet" command to NION-n3 with 0% value (mute some zones), and getting "true" reply from NION. 30 seconds later, Q-Host sends a scheduled message to NION-n3 for broadcasting message to those zones.

My questions are:
Does Q-Host also send "ControlSet" command with specified dB level, which is stored in its HDD, to NION-n3 each time?
Or does the Q-Host only check whether the required zones are free to receive audio data from S560 MessageNet card, without checking its volume?



Re: RATC between NION and Q-Host


In ControlMatrix v4, you can adjust the levels from the ControlMatrix GUI.  When you select the zone to adjust, the value from the MM is first queried (ControlGet).  If it is then adjusted, the ControlSet takes place.  To address your first question: Yes, but not during a page or message playback - only routing instructions are sent in those instances.

FYI, occasionally on regular intervals, the presets in the ControlMatrix logic blocks (in NWare) are saved.  These are to save the system state in case of failure.

In regards to your second question: because the zone routing is all controlled by the Q-Host, it already 'knows' which zones are in use.  So 'yes' it checks, just not via the RATC protocol.  Volumes are not taken into account in this scenaro.