Topic: NWare Alias Utility available

To all,

I wrote a simple 'Alias Info' utility that documents all aliases in a project.  It lists the control the alias is associated with, its type, min & max if applicable, the control device label, the Device ID, and the 'path', if one exists.

It generates a tab delimited string that is displayed, and can be copied to the clipboard.  Once on the clipboard, it pastes right into an Excel spreadsheet.  A project needs to have been emulated for the utility to work.

Simple exe file is at --

http://www.championent.net/ftp/MediaMat … eAlias.exe

Simple windows installer is at --

http://www.championent.net/tech/MediaMa … eAlias.htm

The installer will get required files (.Net framework 3.5, etc) if your system doesn't have them.  It will also add the program to your start menu.

Feel free to let me know if you find projects it won't run on or cause errors, or if you have any suggestions for changes, etc.



PS - for all the coders, MSFT has a C# zip utility available on the web.  I didn't write that code...


Re: NWare Alias Utility available

To all,

I've updated the code at the links shown previously.  Current version is

I'm using Visual Studio for the code, and many of its string/text objects/classes have upper limits for length.  The first version had these limits set too low for large projects.

I think the current limits should work for projects with up to at least 5k aliases, and it has been tested with approx 2.5k aliases.

Also, added more error trapping, and the code now works with enumerated controls with aliases, like a combo box, filter slope, etc.

Please feel free to suggest other reports that may be helpful.  I may take a look at XDAB and other flyoffs...