Topic: lots and lots of CobraNet bundles...

Those who are using the Advanced Subchannel Mapping for CobraNet in the NIONs will notice that there are actually 16 Transmitting (Tx) bundles and 16 Receiving (Rx) bundles available for use. This is a very handy feature because it allows the use of strange channel count bundles as the number of audio channels in a bundle can be any combination of one to eight channels.

HOWEVER... There is an important limitation to be aware of!!! This limitation is specific to the CM-1 platform as it is related to, and caused by, the processor and memory that is available on the CM-1.

The limitation is that you can only use 24 of the available 32 bundles at one time.

This limitation is further restricting in that if you are using the "Multi-Unicast" feature of the Advanced CobraNet Mapping, each time you add to the number of destinations you are sending a bundle, you are reducing the number of available bundles. So, if you multi-unicast a bundle to two locations, it counts as two bundles instead of one and if you multi-unicast a bundle to four locations, it counts as four bundles instead of one.

As I mentioned above, this is a limitation of the CM-1 module from Cirrus Logic. All manufacturers who use the CM-1 module are subject to this limitation. I had expected to see this limitation noted in some documentation from Cirrus Logic, but thus far I have been unable to find it anywhere. It is important that anyone who is using CobraNet Advanced Subchannel Mapping be aware of this limitation and understand how and why it exists.

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