Topic: Q-Host system log

Hi All,

I have found some strange logs in the system log of Q-Host recently:

process                             PID               Message
Ca485srv CABNW1           25524             Spurious ACK received from 6
mmratc                            26080            Unterminated message from RATC 3
mmratc                            26080            Unterminated message from RATC 4

Those message logs appear every 4-second. Does any know what it happens?



Re: Q-Host system log

The “Spurious ACK"  is from the ‘ca485srv’ service which is the Paging Station bus.  There is something biased incorrectly, interference or a faulty paging station causing this message.

The numbered RATC messages refer to the connection… for example if you had 5 clients connecting simultaneously, the log might show “RATC 4"… to give you information about the 4th client.