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I realize MediaMatrix only provides version 4.0 of ControlMatrix Software Manual in its official website, but our new purchased Q-Host is configured as version 5.0. Do anyone know whether an updated user manual is available? I need more information on how the redundant Q-Host is switched as Active mode, whether the cobber link is needed in version 5.0?


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The only difference between ControlMatrix 4.1 and 5.00 is that ControlMatrix 5.00 has the capacity for 24 TAPC elements rather than the 8 available in 4.x. Otherwise, It's all the same.

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Re: ControlMatrix User Manual

PatLau, the extent of redundancy in ControlMatrix 4/5 is in the startup of services and using the Kamakazi service...

1) When the servers attempt to start, they check to see if a redundant Q-Host is already active.  If there is one, the services won't start.

2) Using Kamakazi, an external IP is pinged (to your gateway or switch usually).  If the Ping ever fails, the services can be stopped.

If you require for Q-Hosts to automatically 'failover', this is done by 3rd party controls.  If you need more information or a suggestion on a specific application, please contact me directly.

FYI, I should mention that this topic is being revisited for future versions of ControlMatrix and may change in the near future.

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