Topic: NWare 1.5.1 Beta now available

NWare 1.5.1 beta is now available. You can download it here:

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/software_re … Beta-6.msi

And NWare Kiosk here:

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/software_re … Beta-6.msi

The draft release notes are available here:

http://www.peaveyoxford.com/Documentati … _1.5.1.htm

Please try out this software and let us know your comments and suggestions. Let us know if you find any issues.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a beta release. Use it with caution, there may be issues. Use at your own risk. Use in live installations at your own risk.

Thank you for your time.


Release Notes (draft)


Support for nControl units

You can now add nControl nodes to your design. For more information, see Adding an nControl node to your design in the NWare User Guide.

The device tree includes a new section called nControl Devices, which contains a number of new devices specifically for use with nControl nodes. For more information, see nControl Devices in the NWare Device Reference.
Note: These devices cannot be used with NioNodes.

You can upgrade the firmware on nControl nodes by following the same procedure used for NioNodes. For more information, see Updating firmware on NioNodes and nControl nodes in the NWare User Guide.

Support for ControlMatrix TPU devices

You can now add ControlMatrix TPU 2 and TPU 4 devices to your design. These allow you to work with ControlMatrix telephone paging units. The new devices are located under Hardware in the NWare device tree.
For information on the TPU 2 and TPU 4, refer to the Products page on the MediaMatrix website.

New Comms Processor device

The device tree includes a new Comms Processor device under Control / Tools. This allows you send and receive textual data over a serial or TCP connection. In Emulation mode, the data is transferred via the NWare PC and when the project is deployed, it is transferred via the NioNode or nControl node hosting the project. For more information, see Comms Processor in the NWare Device Reference.

FTP server for copying media files

You can now copy audio files to NioNodes on the network and from NioNodes to other locations using FTP.
For more information, see Enabling the FTP server and Copying media files to and from a NION in the NION Hardware Manual.

Regular updating of time zone definition files

This release includes updated time zone definition files to ensure that the time zone settings are correct for each locality where NIONs are used.

All subsequent releases of NION and nControl firmware will include the most up-to-date time zone definition files.

The new nControl unit has been released. For more information, refer to the nControl Hardware Manual.

nTouch 180
The new nTouch 180 has been released. For more information, refer to the nTouch 180 Hardware Manual.

Bug fixes


390 - Tonal noise was produced when AES input connectors were removed

Previously, when you removed an input connector from an AES card, a significant level of tonal noise was produced. This problem has now been fixed.

392 - NION stopped functioning when role containing three or more AES cards was stopped

Previously, if you created an NWare project containing three or more AES cards and then deployed the role to a NION, it ran successfully. However, if you then attempted to redeploy it, the NION stopped functioning.

393 - Daylight saving time was displayed instead of standard time

The time displayed in the NION web interface was always daylight saving time, even when the current date did not fall within the period when daylight saving time is used. This has now been fixed so that the correct time is always shown for the current time zone.

400 - Null characters stopped data being read from serial port via Python

In previous versions, if you used a Python script to read data from the NION serial port and a null character was encountered, the data stream was terminated. This limitation has now been removed, and null characters, which are valid, can be read from the serial port.
Tip: You can also use Python script to read null characters from the serial port on an nControl unit.

Known issues


57 - Additional steps needed for non-admin users running NWare under Windows XP

Currently, non-administrator users cannot run NWare or Kiosk under Windows XP without additional steps being completed after the installation.
The administrator must change the permissions of the \program files\mediamatrix\nware <version>\plugins\nware\xml folder to allow write access for the non-administrator users. Once this has been done, NWare and Kiosk will operate normally.
For more information, see Allowing non-admin Windows XP users to run NWare and Kiosk in the PDF or webhelp NWare User Guide.

379 - Cannot uninstall via Control Panel under Windows Vista

To uninstall NWare under Windows Vista, you must complete the following procedure:On the Windows Task Bar, click Start, click All Programs, Click NWare, and then click Uninstall NWare <version>.Note: It is currently not possible to uninstall NWare via Windows Control Panel, even if you are logged on as Administrator.

385 - Selecting undo after adding certain devices causes NWare to close unexpectedly

If you drag a device from the device tree over to the page, open the device block, and then press CTRL+Z to undo the operation, in the case of certain devices, NWare will close unexpectedly.
Note: This does not occur when adding all types of devices, but we recommend avoiding this exact sequence of steps as a precaution.

386 - Gain/Sensitivity indicator on the Ci amp block does not perform any function

387 - Real Time Load Monitoring training on the Ci amp block does not function