Topic: NWare 1.5.0 officially released

NWare 1.5.0 has been officially released.

You can download the complete NWare suite here:
http://mm.peavey.com/assets/software/NW … -0_513.msi

Or, if you just need NWare:Kiosk, it can be found here:
http://mm.peavey.com/assets/software/NW … sk_514.msi

But, whatever you do, be certain to download and read the release notes. They can be found here (in PDF form):
http://mm.peavey.com/assets/tech_notes/ … es_512.pdf

or, they can be found here in HTML form:
http://www.peaveyoxford.com/Documentati … _1.5.0.htm


Josh Millward
Burnt Orange Studios