Topic: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

We have released Beta 3 of NWare 1.5.0.  You can fetch it here:


Please test and post any findings below ASAP.  We are pushing
hard to get the final version out.  Thanks All!


o Support for the Crest CKi and Ci amplifiers.  Using NWare you can
now directly control and monitor the Crest amplifiers with installed
CobraNet modules.  Control can be from a NION or from nControl.

o Support for the new NION nControl.  nControl is a new product in
development that provides a heavy duty control platform for NION
systems.  For those familiar with CONMAN, this is a product packaging
a new CONMAN with a robust intel based rack mount computer.
Configuration, setup, and updating of nControl is done entirely though
NWare.  If you are interested in being a Beta tester for NWare, please
email admin@peaveyoxford.com.

o Support for the new Audinate Dante audio networking module for the
NION.  Dante is a new networking technology from Audinate.  We are
introducing NIONs with a Dante interface installed in place of the
CobraNet module.  If you are interested in being a Beta tester for the
Dante NION, please email admin@peaveyoxford.com.

o The design of the amp control devices changed during development.
Thus the documentation does not match the devices.  We will address this
before we go to final release.

o Setting up the Dante interfaces requires the use of software from
Audinate.  Currently, there is no way to configure the interface
through NWare.  Also, only 48k sample rate is currently supported for
the Dante interface.

o Under Vista, NWare can only be uninstalled through the start menu,
not from Add/Remove programs in the control panel.


o The NION CobraNet CM-1 latency list has been moved from the NioNode
Properties dialog box to the Advanced properties dialog box (opened by
clicking the Advanced button).

o The maximum number of channels for the XDAB device is now limited to
448, with a limit override option.

o The firmware version is now included in the log file.

o The single tap delay line contained superfluous controls, this has
been cleaned up (bug #133).

o Previously the bundle number controls in the CobraNet control panels
could be gestured.  As these had a range of 0-65535 this was unusable
and it was easy to accidentally change these.  We've removed this so
typing is now the only way to enter values (bug #144).

o In previous versions, when you deleted media files listed on the
Media tab, they were no longer shown on the tab, but may still have
been stored in the NWare project file. Because of this, the delete
operation did not reduce the size of the file. This issue has now been
resolved and the files are deleted as expected (bug #284).

o Previously, if no device was selected, there was a blank entry in
the tools menu. This should be a grayed out "device properties...".
Now fixed (bug #313).

o Previously, if you right clicked in the blank area of either the
roles or network view in the role assignment dialog box, NWare
crashed.  Fixed (bug #314).

o We fixed an issue where it was possible to crash NWare while
renaming a page (bug #359).

o Fixed a spelling mistake on installation dialog box (bug #373).

o The NION's Front panel CobraNet status page was skipped when
navigating backwards though the status pages.  Now fixed (bug #121).

o We removed the non-functional clocking diagram from the NION web

o Normal time sync mode did not work properly when all NIONs were set
to normal mode.  This is now fixed (bug #347)

o There was an issue with selecting the timezone from the NION front
panel.  If the country you selected had no timezone choices, and yet
you tried to select a timezone, the NION would crash.  Fixed now (bug


Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

Back at the office, downloaded the .msi, but when try to run I get a popup: "not a valid Windows installer".
Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

Phil, could you try this again?  It seems to be working for us.


Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

I downloaded again yesterday, still no go. Also got a colleague to try: still "not valid installer".
Dowloaded again this morning, and it's running!!? Installed successfully, and running.
Will try to break it now.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
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Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

Must be a northern/southern hemisphere code inversion problem...


Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

I found that the first 2 downloads were only 30MB, whereas the one that worked is 37MB.
Eddy's in the Space-Time Continuum?

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
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Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

We have  Cki amplifiers and Ci amplifiers. We have conman1.25.Does the new version can work on conman1.25 ?


Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

I've been told that it does not. I also have Conman 1.25 installations, and as far as I can tell there is no upgrade path to utilize recent versions of Nware because Conman will not be developed beyond 1.25 in its current form. I'm still waiting to see how Peavey will accommodate installations/upgrades where a Conman is already in place yet a new version of Nware is required.


Re: NWare 1.5.0 Beta

Regarding the conman question, conman 1.25 will be supported.  We always do our best to support legacy hardware and software.  Projects created with NWare 1.5.0 can be deployed to the older conman.  However, we will be adding new devices.  These new devices will not work on conman 1.25.  If you want to take advantage of new features you will need to use nControl. 

If you have a particular installation you want to upgrade from conman to nControl, please contact your dealer for information.