Topic: Inheriting values from prior revisions of a project

This seems like a silly question that I should already know the answer to.  I have been working on a project generating numerous revisions to the project.  I incrementally increase the last digit by 1 each time I create a substantial revision update.  example: project1.npa, project2.npa, etc.

I know that when the project name does not change, simply clicking connect transfers all of the values from the running project to the nware project on my computer.  Let's say project5.npa is running and I have a new revised project named project6.npa.  How can I transfer the values from project5 to project6?

It seems like this would be possible, and I probably just missed it in class.

Thanks for the help.

Todd Gathany
Onpoint Designs
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Re: Inheriting values from prior revisions of a project

You are deploying a new project, so it will not "capture" the existing values, and import them into your (again) new project.

So the only way you could import values is to connect to the existing project with the old version, emulate your new version, and "manually" input the values from the old to the new project.  Don't forget to save your new setting to the default settings, or it will revert to the last known saved values when you deploy.

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